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2017-1920 Community Manager Avesta Agave Falls
2017-1931 Leasing Consultant Avesta Houston
2017-1954 Business Training Program - Associate BTP Associate - Tampa, FL
2017-1966 Maintenance Supervisor Avesta Madeira Grove
2017-1971 Leasing Consultant Avesta Lake Creek
2017-1976 Maintenance Technician Preserve at Westover Hills
2017-1977 Business Training Program - Associate Avesta Austin
2017-1978 Business Training Program - Associate BTP Associate - San Antonio, TX
2017-1980 Leasing Consultant Park at Gibraltar
2017-1981 Private Equity In-House Counsel Avesta Support
2017-1982 Maintenance Technician Avesta Houston
2017-1984 Maintenance Supervisor Avesta Houston
2017-1986 Assistant Community Manager Avesta Solano
2017-1987 Maintenance Technician Avesta Agave Falls
2017-1990 Leasing Consultant Avesta ICON
2017-1995 Maintenance Supervisor Avesta Capella
2017-1996 Assistant Project Manager Avesta Texas - Austin and San Antonio
2017-1997 Regional Maintenance Manager Avesta West Palm Beach / Palm Springs
2017-1998 Entry Level Maintenance Technician Park at Elland
2017-1999 Maintenance Supervisor Avesta Austin
2017-2001 Maintenance Technician Avesta Agave Falls
2017-2002 Maintenance Technician Avesta Lake Creek
2017-2003 Maintenance Technician Avesta Mandarin
2017-2005 Assistant Community Manager Avesta Austin
2017-2006 Leasing Consultant Avesta Austin
2017-2008 Maintenance Supervisor Avesta Grande Pointe
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